Code 101 & Code 102

Beginning Software Development

Start With The Basics

At DeltaV, we believe in starting with the right foundation. Our 100-level courses introduce coding beginners to the world of software development, from basic HTML and CSS to the many career paths available for developers.

All classes in the 100 level are beginner-friendly, with every student starting at the same point—no prerequisites or previous experience required. If you’re exploring the potential of a career in tech, preparing for our Code 201 course, or just need a basic understanding of web development, we’ve got you covered.

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    Code 101: Intro to Software Development & Careers in Tech

    Thinking about a new career in software development? Start here! In this one-day workshop, you’ll get a sneak peek of the Delta V learning experience, find out how websites are built, and code a webpage yourself using industry-standard tools and professional coding practices. More Info & Registration »

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    Code 102: Intro to JavaScript

    Ready to move past the concepts covered in Code 101 and work with experienced developers who can help guide you through your online learning? Join us for Code 102! You will blast through Codecademy’s JavaScript tutorials and get a better understanding of the programming ecosystem. More Info & Registration »

Beginning coders can take our one-day Code 101 workshop and continue to Code 102, or jump straight into the Code 201 class.