DeltaV CyberSecurity

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Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm
10 weeks


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TBD 2023


Course Summary

Cybersecurity is one of the most in-demand fields. Prepare to help organizations prevent, detect, and respond to cyber attacks and threats in a rapidly changing environment. By relying on industry expertise, industry and governmental resources, and through projectized engagements, students will get real exposure to the ways that bad agents and criminals cause harm and how businesses defend and recover.

The course begins with brief instruction on networks, server administration, and cloud computing (AWS) and rapidly accelerates into cryptography, penetration testing, forensics, artificial intelligence, physical security, human intelligence, disaster recovery planning, and more. The capstone to the class is a 72-hour live hacking range where students will put their skills to the test in responding to a simulated cyber attack.

How We Are Different:

Daily, we will review cybersecurity incidents from national events. Our focus won’t be on historical perspectives or theoretical models. Instead, we will examine active incidents, learn in real time about the attack vectors being used, and discuss potential responses to emerging issues.

Our program ends with a 72-hour live cyber range event where teams will attack, defend, and respond to challenges.

What Should I Know:

Candidates entering the program should have an advanced user knowledge of computing environments and principles. We don’t require years of pre-study before getting into the security concepts, but we do also want to make sure there is an established baseline in order for you to be successful. Each candidate for the program will have an interview with our Director of Admissions and program instructor before enrolling.

Learners with less experience may be required to complete pre-requisite work before enrolling or will be offered additional remediation during the program in areas where they are less confident.

Covered Concepts:

The program will map to many of the ISC(2) CISSP, ISACA CISA, and CompTIA Security+ Objectives. We follow best practice guidance from ACM, NIST, and professional organizations.

What Resources Will I Have:

The courses will access and rely on industry professionals as guest lecturers. This pool includes those who have worked in Industrial Control Systems, Crime Investigation, Professional Auditing, Network Infrastructure, and who work for both public and private organizations. Students will access digital libararies with tens of thousands of resources to support their learning.

Labs will be administered in a fully online cloud-based environment that allows learners to repeat each component until mastery is achieved.

Computer & Material Requirements

Laptop Requirements

You are required to supply your own laptop that meets the below requirements. Chromebooks are not suitable for this course, since they are generally underpowered, and not configured for you to control the installed software. You are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of your laptop throughout the course.

  • 64-bit Operating System, like macOS or Windows 10
  • Fully up to date, with the latest version of the operating system and all security updates installed
  • Free of viruses, and in general working order

Homework Policy

DeltaV provides only a pass/fail transcript and does not assign letter grades to each student. However, to monitor student progress throughout each program, DeltaV uses a point-based grading system that is introduced to the students on the first day of each program. In order to pass the class, students must attain at least 90% of available points. For more information, see Grading System and Disciplinary Action For Low Grades.