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Code 401 Remote

May 15, 2023 to July 21, 2023

4 DeltaV Code 401 students stand side by side during their presentation. 1 student makes eye contact with you and smiles contentedly.

Code 401: Advanced Software Development in Full-Stack JavaScript is an intensive full-stack web development course that covers server-side Node.js and modern client-side front-end libraries and frameworks such as React. The course aims to help you advance your skills in full-stack JavaScript by teaching you data structures and algorithms, professional software development techniques, and established industry best practices. In addition, the course includes a career coaching curriculum to prepare you for your job search, along with job search assistance after graduation. The course is 400 hours in total and includes lectures, labs, coworking, and collaborative projects.

By the end of the course, you will have the skills to build and contribute to a server-side and client-side application using an architecture or framework that promotes maintainability, scalability, and collaboration. You will also be able to analyze the trade-offs between competing solutions when choosing algorithms, JavaScript coding patterns and practices, and byte formats that do not degrade the performance or Node browser functionality of your applications. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to participate in career development workshops, create an online brand, network, and resume, and demonstrate aptitude in personal and technical interviews of varying formats to conduct a successful job search and obtain a job as a Full-Stack JavaScript or Front-End Web Developer.


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