Helping Iowans Recover

DeltaV is “going virtual” and offering new tuition awards

Iowans are facing new challenges, and we’re ready to help…

With coronavirus causing economic hardships, these are difficult times by any measure. Unemployment is climbing and more and more Iowans are looking for opportunities. DeltaV Code School has been in Cedar Rapids for 3 years, but our nonprofit’s mission is to “accelerate world-changing ideas, from Iowa.” So we are adding new live remote instruction for students across our state. We are also making a $300,000+ investment into new financial assistance to help people who are interested in getting into a new career. COVID-19 is forcing the world to embrace remote work and training in that environment with DeltaV Code School will help students be prepared for communicating and working together online.

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    Code 101 is now free through Summer 2020

    To start, we are making all of our virtual Code 101s available at no charge through the summer. We are adding Saturday as well as weekday 101s so students can try the course to see if it’s a good fit. Simply sign up for a class that works best for you (more classes will be added as time goes on). Register here for free »

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    Code 102 will be free for up to 100 Iowans

    In addition, we are offering one hundred Code 102 tuition awards to anyone in Iowa. This can be taken as a self-paced online course or taught by a live instructor June 1-5 from 9am-5pm every day. Each Code 102 scholarship is worth $1,000. While these tuition awards do not require financial need, students do need to apply to be granted an award. Learn more about Code 102 here »

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    10 full-ride tuition awards for low-income Iowans

    Finally, we are offering ten full-ride tuition awards for low-income* Iowans. These are for students who have successfully completed Code 101 and 102 and wish to complete Code 201-401 from June 15th – October 30th, 2020. These tuition awards are worth $20,000 each. Students must apply for a low-income diversity tuition award. Apply for a low-income Diversity Tuition Award »

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    Tuition Awards for *NEW* Ops Curriculum

    Through Employer Innovation Funding from Future Ready Iowa, DeltaV’s new Ops curriculum has tuition awards available for Iowans whose jobs were impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. These awards will cover tuition for our new Help Desk and Network and Systems Administration programs. Apply for an Ops Tuition Award »

“With the crisis our state is facing right now, we believe DeltaV could be a huge lifeline to people who are stuck at home and trying to figure out what their next career move should be. With these tuition awards, hopefully we can remove financial roadblocks and make a lucrative new career in software development accessible to more students than ever.” – Eric Engelmann, Executive Director of NewBoCo

NewBoCo has also launched a video web series called “Talking in Code” that follows its current class through the day-to-day experience of the school. By sharing student stories, class challenges and more, this series allows potential students to see for themselves how the program works and whether it’s right for them.

*“Low-Income” is defined as a family that has an income of 300% of Federal Poverty Guidelines or less.

Family Size of 1 = $37,470
Family Size of 2 = $50,730
Family Size of 3 = $63,990
Family Size of 4 = $77,250
Family Size of 5 = $90,510
Family Size of 6 = $103,770
Family Size of 7 = $117,030
Family Size of 8 = $130,290

Each Additional Family Member = $13,260