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Full Stack Software Developer with a startup, UI/UX Developer with a national company, Help Desk Analyst at an established local company, founder of their own digital marketing firm, software educator — DeltaV graduates write their own career paths in so many unique ways! As technology becomes more integral to every industry, the ways in which DeltaV graduates can succeed continue to multiply.

Below are the inspiring testimonials of just a few of our graduates. Everyone’s is unique — including yours!

Ben Hemann
Code School


Making the Jump to a New Career After the Marines After serving six years in the U.S. Marine Corps, Ben Hemann made the next step in his career and enrolled at the University of Iowa. Although Hemann intended to pursue a degree in criminology, law, and justice, his interest in

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Ethan Titler
Code School


From a Friendly Smile in Every Aisle to a Friendly Face Behind Aisles Online When Ethan Titler started to learn to code with DeltaV Code School, he was a part time server at Hy-Vee’s Market Grille, but he already knew where he wanted to work after graduation. He wanted to

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Tricia Sawyer
Code School


From Algeria to DeltaV Sihem Azibi says she came to DeltaV Code School for one reason—to change her life. Sihem moved to the United States with her husband six years ago from Algeria, where she studied Computer Science. She speaks Arabic, French, and English but she didn’t know any English

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Code School


A Decision That Transformed My Career Tricia Sawyer describes her decision to join DeltaV Code School as one of the best she’s ever made. The code boot camp offers an intensive learning experience, challenging students to push their boundaries and unlock their full potential. Tricia encourages potential students to be

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Companies That Have Hired Our Grads

Whether they’re one of our sponsoring partners, or working through the Registered Apprenticeship program, companies big and small have been lucky enough to hire our graduates. Some are bringing new perspectives to their teams at large established companies like UFG Insurance, and some are making waves as team members at disruptive startups like Mākusafe. Whatever your passion, DeltaV can help you pursue it with an area company!

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