Code 102

Intro to JavaScript

Our next Day Time Code 102 is not yet scheduled

We do have a Night & Weekend 102 coming up in October!
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Location: The Geonetric building in Cedar Rapids (415 12th Ave SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52401)

Time: Monday – Friday. Doors open at 8am, class starts promptly at 9am; class ends by 5pm.

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Next Day Time Class
TBD, 2023

Self-Paced Online


* A 13% discount applies if you enroll in all four courses (102-401).

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Web Development

  • Tie together HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in an interactive web page.
  • Use the same tools utilized by professionals across the tech industry, right on your own laptop.
  • Learn the benefits of version control with Git and GitHub.

JavaScript Programming

  • Variables & Storing Data
  • Conditionals
  • “For” Loops
  • Everything you need to know for the 201 Entrance Test!


  • Get help from an experienced instructor or teaching assistant.
  • Open time during each class session to work on independent and paired challenges.
  • Ask questions related to the code assignments, or programming in general.
  • Prepare for the career change with guiding coaching on how to set up your resume.


Not sure where or how to start learning software development? Or maybe you’re discouraged by the confusing interfaces, unclear error messages, and unexplained concepts of online coding tutorials. Just want a little help getting ready for Code 201?

If you’re ready to get unstuck and move beyond the concepts covered in Code 101, come work with experienced developers who can help guide you through your learning. Join us for our NEW Code 102! You’ll receive 30 hours of instruction as you blast through the prework for Code 201, while getting a tour of the tools and techniques of modern developers.


By the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Complete the entirety of Code 201‘s required prework.
  • Configure your computer and see the workflow for serious software development, with free and open-source tools.
  • Dive deeper into proper usage of “semantic” HTML tags.
  • Practice utilizing CSS to make your web pages look the way you want.
  • Get introduced to programming concepts like: Variables, Conditionals and Loops.
  • Learn how to utilize JavaScript.
  • Be more prepared for the challenges ahead in Code 201, or in learning to code anywhere.
  • Have a wider network of new and experienced developers, and prepare your resume for all the awesome new skills you are about to learn.


  • Required: Computer updated with latest version of OS, all security patches installed. See “Material Requirements” below.
  • Required: Familiarity with basic algebra concepts.
  • Required: Code 101 or equivalent exposure to basic HTML and CSS.
  • Recommended: Be able to type at least 30 words per minute.
  • Material Requirements

    You are required to supply your own laptop that meets the below requirements. Chromebooks are not suitable for this course, since you can’t directly control installed software. You are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of your computer throughout the course. The course will include a class session dedicated to configuring your computer to be ready for professional-grade software development the first day of class.

    • 64-bit Operating System, like macOS or Windows 10.
    • Fully up to date, with the latest version of the operating system and all security updates installed.
    • At least 50GB of free space on the hard drive.
    • At least 8GB of RAM. 16GB RAM strongly preferred.
    • Free of viruses, and in general working order.

    By the first day of class

    Upcoming DeltaV Code 102 Courses

    TBD, 2023 – Cedar Rapids

    Join us at DeltaV Headquarters at the Geonetric Building in Cedar Rapids for Code 102.

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    Code of Conduct Policy

    Punctuality, participation in discussions, completion of assignments, and demonstration of professional courtesy to others are required, in accordance with our Code of Conduct. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of every class. Students should always contact the instructors ahead of time if they are unable to attend all or part of published class / lab hours.

    Refund Policy

    Can’t attend the workshop after you register? We will refund tuition paid for Code 101 and Code 102 workshops, but only if you notify us of your cancellation before 12:00 noon on the day before the workshop.