State Specific Statements

This school is exempt from registration requirements in Iowa Code Chapter 261B as described in Iowa Code Section 261B.11, subsection 1, paragraph “k” for “postsecondary educational institutions offering programs limited to nondegree specialty vocational training programs. Notwithstanding that exemption, inquiries or complaints regarding this private nonprofit vocational school may be made to:

Executive Director, The New Bohemian Innovation Collaborative, Inc.
415 12th Avenue SE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52401

or by contacting the following:

Iowa Postsecondary Registration Administrator
Iowa College Student Aid Commission
430 E. Grand Ave, 3rd Floor
Des Moines, IA 50309

Cancellation & Refunds

This school’s cancellation and refund policy is in accordance with Iowa Code Section 261.9(1)(g).

Disclaimers and Limitations of Liability:

Any controversy or claim will be arbitrated on an individual basis, and will be conducted in Cedar Rapids, Linn County, Iowa, and judgment on the arbitration award may be entered into any court having jurisdiction thereof.

NewBoCo Statement of Financial Responsibility:

Iowa law requires the DeltaV Code School as a private nonprofit vocational school to file a statement of financial responsibility with the Commission listed above. That financial responsibility statement is available to the public by request directed to the Commission.

How to File a complaint in Iowa

Iowa law requires private vocational schools to inform students how to file a complaint. By signing this form you acknowledge this process has been explained to you. Below are the next steps the school must take in discussing this policy with you, along with information about the complaint process.

Iowa’s Complaint Policy

First, a school representative must discuss the school’s complaint policy with you. Following this discussion, you will be provided with this attachment to sign. After you sign this form, the school will give you a copy for your personal records. The school will also keep a copy on file.

Acknowledgement of Iowa’s Complaint Process by Student

1. The school has described the grievance and/or complaint policy to me.
2. I understand that the policy can also be found in the school catalog.
3. I know I should first try to resolve a complaint or concern with my instructor or school administrator.
4. I understand nothing prevents me from contacting the Iowa College Student Aid Commission at 877-272-4456 at any time with a concern or complaint, and complaint forms are:
5. Finally, I acknowledge that details about the complaint process, my rights, and any restrictions can be found at:

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