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Tim Maupin

Software Developer

Hello, my name is Tim Maupin and before I became Software Development I was playing professional and international rugby.. The reason that I chose this skill to acquire is because I wanted something that would last much longer and also less physically demanding. I have also had an interest in development from playing video games, testing video games for Xbox and EA, and one of my best friends growing up becoming a software developer with a major phone app gaming company. The idea of furthering my knowledge in development has also been something that I’ve been interested in pursuing at some point. I would love to work in an environment that is team oriented because I am naturally good at working with other people and I enjoy the daily interactions, also it would be really cool and fun to work in a studio that worked on games or shows/movies! At the end of the day I want to be a part of something that will help make other people‚Äôs lives better and provide the opportunity for me to continue to learn and hopefully one day provide a good life for a family.

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