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Bryan Gonzalez

Software Developer – (Currently enrolled in Python 401 course)

Hello, I'm Bryan Gonzalez. My journey has seamlessly merged the compassionate realm of healthcare with the dynamic world of software development. With a foundation in Nursing from Kirkwood Community College and hands-on experience at institutions like Mercy Medical and Unitypoint St. Luke's Hospital, I've internalized the essence of user-centricity—a quality I've carried into the tech sector.

Currently on the cusp of graduating from DeltaV Code School, I've honed my skills in a comprehensive toolkit, ranging from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to React.js, Node.js, and Python. This equips me to excel as a full-stack software developer.

What amplifies my capabilities is my bilingual proficiency in Spanish and English, enhancing my ability to communicate and cater to a wide audience. Today, I stand at the intersection of healthcare and tech, ready to innovate and transform. I invite you to connect, so together, we can turn potential into reality.

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