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Eva Smith

Full Stack Developer

Hi! I am Eva Grace Smith, a Full Stack Software Developer.

    From a young age, I’ve had a natural curiosity for computers and technology. It’s a passion that has been a driving force throughout my life. After college, I traveled the world, dedicating my time to working with at-risk youth. This experience has not only broadened my perspective but instilled in me a deep passion for supporting young people.

    Upon returning to the United States, I channeled this passion into the education field, working closely with students to help them achieve their potential. This taught me the value of patience, empathy, and mentorship. Following 2020, I decided to pivot and pursue a new journey in the software development industry, where I could leverage my technical skills to create innovative solutions.

    Now, I’m excited to bring together my natural curiosity for technology, my interpersonal skills, and my dedication to supporting youth to create technology that makes a real difference in people’s lives. I’m eager to join your team, where I can contribute my unique blend of technical skills and passion for positive change. Let’s make an impact together. Thank you for considering me as your next team member!


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